Christmas celebrations have changed a lot over the past years. Years back, it used to be about religion. I remember my grandmother always used to have a Christmas nativity scene displayed underneath her Christmas tree. It was very intricate and old, and beautiful to see. In our home, we don’t have this at all. There are just presents underneath the tree, in all sorts of shapes and sizes. But there are more changes happening.

Now that the social media has taken over the young and the old generation, people send out a Facebook message to all the people they used to send a Christmas card. Or worse; they just post a generic post on their wall sending everybody they’re friends with their Christmas wishes. Most of them include a random picture of a huge Christmas tree, or a santa with a sleigh and some reindeer, to make the appearance of a Christmas card.

Gifts have changed from socks and sweaters to iPads and Playstations. I used to go through this huge catalogue that displayed all sorts of toys; Barbie’s, race cars, Playmobile etc. I used to circle the ones I’d really like to get, and on Christmas day they magically appeared. Not all of them ofcourse, and they certainly weren’t that expensive as an iPad.

People are going out to eat sushi or all-you-can-eat wok restaurants at Christmas. I mean, I love sushi. It’s my favorite food ever. But for Christmas? Nothing beats a homecooked meal, I think. I’m so happy my family has never given up on the tradition of cooking a huge meal with several courses for Christmas. It just brings everybody together when you get to taste eachother’s dishes and enjoy eachother’s company while cooking them. I love it.

I’m not saying any of the ways I’ve mentioned above are ”bad” ways to celebrate Christmas. Everyone can do whatever they want. But if you’re feeling like you want a more basic, traditional Christmas this year; give someone a book instead of a videogame, cook a delicious meal with your whole family, send your loved ones a card instead of a Facebook message.

Let me know in the comments how you like to celebrate Christmas? Do you cook your own Christmas feast, or do you go out to eat? Do you still send cards?



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