WHY I’M A FEMINIST (+ My Rolemodels)

I know there still is this outdated, but common idea about feminism; they are women who hate men. They have hairy armpits, are whiny, and probably ugly. Feminist are women who live by a set of rules all feminist must follow, otherwise they will be thrown out of the feminist club. Women who want female dominance around the world, and go out on the streets to protest for their rights.

But that’s not what feminism is all about. I call myself a feminist because;

  • I believe women should be (in all parts, everywhere and all the time) equal to men. This should be fixed by law, but it should also be a common belief in society.
  • Violence and repression against women worldwide needs to end.
  • Women need to support each other’s decisions and cultural differences. They should stand together as sisters.

Feminism is about equality and better lives for women, not about female dominance. There are many different types of feminism and feminists, and they all live by their own beliefs. They can have different views from one another, but gender equality is probably the core feature they agree upon.

The stereotype that women become feminist because they are unattractive, and thus can’t get a man is still present in modern society. There’s also a lot of pressure in society to meet certain beauty standards. I think these two stereotypes prevent many women from wanting to identify themselves as feminists. If you think it’s unattractive to have a mind of your own, question some of society’s norms, and work to make a better life for women- then yes, to you, feminists may be unattractive. But if not, take a look around you, and you’ll notice that feminists vary in appearance and pretty much look like everyone else in society.

When a women complains, she is often called a nag, whiny, or high-maintenance. Women are supposed to be agreeable, so it’s not much of a surprise that women who express discontent with societal norms are also labelled as such. But, thanks to these ”whiny” women around the world, women in most places can now vote, work, go to school and have an education, and have laws standing up for their rights.

One of my rolemodels who is really involved in this topic, is Emma Watson. She’s become active in the United Nations as an ambassador for women’s rights and gender equality. She promotes a movement called HeForShe, which encouraged men to stand up for gender equality. There are already 478,112 male members to this movement, and 3,061 of them are from the Netherlands. Click here to learn more about the HeForShe movement.

Another one of my rolemodels is Lena Dunham. She is the creator and writer of the tv-series ”Girls”, and writer of the book ”Not that kind of girl”. In all her work you can see that she wishes to improve the image of women in the media. ”Girls” is literally the first tv-serie that captures life just the way it is. Raw, uncomfortable, awkward, but also extremely beautiful and empowering. Lena herself plays a character called Hannah. Her countless nude scenes are not about the fact that she isn’t a size six with perfect boobs. She is just a girl who plays a girl. Hannah doesn’t go on about her body. It’s so refreshing and as a result, way more powerful than what society has become used to seeing from women on TV.

What is your opinion about feminism? Let me know in the comments below!



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