These healthy, nutricious and very tasty snack bars are perfect to take to work or school. Vegan, gluten free, lactose free, and no added sugars! I am addicted to them. They are perfect for when you have the munchies, because you can eat them without the guilt. And they are sooooo good! Wanna know more? Keep on reading.

Nakd is a company that makes snacks that only contain healthy whole food products, instead of processed foods. They make honest, down-to-earth food that’s good for your body. The bars only consist of natural, raw, unprocessed products. They have as little as possible ingredients. They have added nothing to our bars no sugar, honey, syrups, fats, emulsifiers, preservatives, fillers or other stuff.


The bars they offer come in many different forms and flavors. This is what they offer;

  • Nakd Glutenfree Bars; their simplest and most popular bar. Only raw fruit and nuts mixed in together. The bars are 100% natural with no added sugars or syrups. They are wheat and gluten and are bursting with yummie ingredients.
  • Nakd Nibbles; Made from fruits and nuts to make your favorite desserts. With their soft texture and small bitesize form (as opposed to a bar), means they are perfect for travel, for over your breakfast bowl or when you need a little moment to yourself. These are also gluten free, grain free and dairy free.
  • Nakd Crunch Bars; its fruity, delicious, nutritious, irresistibly crunchy and packed with ingredients for a long-lasting flavor and feel satisfied. All the crunch bars are lactose free, wheat- and gluten free, packed with soy crunchies and extra protein so you feel full longer and they are 100% vegan friendly.
  • Nakd Oatie Bars; Delicious oat bars using only raw fruit, oats, nuts and spices! Thanks to the extra added oats these strips somewhat crumbly than the gluten free bars.

All of these come in as many as 12-19 flavors. The ones I’ve tried are the Nakd Glutenfree Bar in Cacao Delight, Christmas Pud and Ginger Bread, and the Nakd Crunch Bar in Strawberry Crunch. All were absolutely delicious. They are really sweet, even though there are no added sugars. My favorite is probably the Cacao delight, because I’m just a chocolate junkie. The bars are really firm and fill you up quite good.


Just a bit more about the ingredients, because they say they use as little ingredients as possible. Let me show you what the Strawberry Crunch bars consist of; 43% Dates – 17% Soya protein crunchies (soya, tapioca, starch, salt) – 17% Raisins – 17% Cashews – 4% Apple juice concentrate – 2% Strawberries – A hint of natural flavoring. That’s really good right? No added sugars, just the sweetness of the dates, raisins, apple juice and strawberries. I’m not such a fan of dates, but you really don’t taste them in these bars!


I’ve discovered Nakd bars through Instagram. I stumbled upon their pictures, and lots of accounts mentioning them. I started following them and looking for their products online. I did hesitate buying them online, because you can only buy them in a pack of 18. I didn’t even know if I’d like them, and what flavor to pick (there are so many!!). But then I found out they sell them at Etos in the Netherlands. They are very hard to come by in stores, and Etos only has 3 flavors. I’m not sure they even sell them at all Etos stores. But the one in Nijmegen sells them for sure. Online you can easily order them online through the Nakd website.

What do you think about these Nakd bars? Would you like to try them? I know I can’t stop eating them. I’m going to buy a heap of them to bring on my plane to Amerika. Don’t forget to subscribe to Project NW by filling out your e-mail! It means a lot if you do this. And leave a comment 🙂



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