Look what Santa gave me.. Makeup Revolution’s New-trals vs Neutrals palette!! I’d been eyeing this beauty for quite some time, and it was the first thing I wrote on my Christmas Wishlist. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and has many shades that I didn’t have in my other palettes. Beautiful warm tones, but also cool tones with grey and taupe. It’s so versatile and wearable, I needed it in my life. The only downside to Makeup Revolution products is that they are only for sale online in the Netherlands, so I couldn’t go out to a store and swatch the palette. Wanna know if the Makeup Revolution New-trals vs Neutrals palette lived up to my expectations? Keep on reading!

First of all, let’s take a moment to appreciate all the gorgeous colors inside the New-trals vs Neutrals palette.



The palette comes with 16 shades, and has a perfect mix of shimmers and matte shades, and cool and warm tones. I can’t choose which color is my favorite, they are all so pretty. I think I’d have to go for ”Tone” or ”Partial”. These shades are so unique and different, I’ve never seen any shades like them.

The palette comes with a quite convenient double-ended brush which has a flat brush on one side, and a blending brush on the other side. Makeup Revolution has definitely improved in their brushes, which is great. I also have the I Heart Chocolate palette from Makeup Revolution, and that contained a double ended brush which only had those small sponge applicators. I never used it because it’s just not ideal to apply eyeshadow with. The brush that comes with the New-trals vs Neutrals palette is much more useful.

Now let’s take a closer look at the shades inside the palette, starting with the 8 shades on the left.



Bias didn’t really show up on my skin, but it did give off a nice shimmer. I think it would be nice as a subtle highlight. Neutral is that perfect transition shade, to blend in the crease. Nicely pigmented, but not too much. Personal was kinda dissapointing. The shade barely shows up on my skin, but it does leave a nice peach glow. Vogue is a really pigmented neon orange shade. Very pretty!


Cool is suprisingly well pigmented. I expected it to not show up at all on my pale skin, but it did a really great job as it is a matte shade. Very buttery consistency! Style, Partial and Mode are all super pigmented, and super shimmery. They almost look metallic! They do have a bit more fall out, though.



Trend is a quite pigmented burnt orange color. Absolutely gorgeous! New-Tral is a dark hot pink, and is also beautifully pigmented. Wow, and then there’s Tone! Look at that pigmentation. The color is a gorgeous deep red, and the consistency is super buttery. Did have a bit of fall out when I swatched it though. Custom was kinda dissapointing. I expected a dark brown, but the pigmentation isn’t that good and the texture feels dry.


This row of shades kinda suprised me. In the pan they all look kind of cool-toned, but when I swatched them they looked more brown than I expected. Adapt is also a nice crease shade, and has fairly good pigmentation. It looks kinda similar to neutral, but it is more pigmented and a has a bit of a taupe undertone. Buff is a beautiful shimmery, metallic shade which is also very pigmented. Not as much fall out as the other 3 metallic shades, which is great! Suit really surprised me, it looks kinda blue/grey in the pan but when swatched it is definitely more brown. Strong is a super pigmented dark purple with red glitters. Beautiful!

I think this palette is an absolute perfect palette for any occassion. You can create a light daytime look, but also go for a smokey eye for the night! You get 16 shades for only €8.50! The pigmentation is amazing in almost all the shades, and they blend super easily. If you’re from the Netherlands, you can order the palette HERE and HERE.

Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on the New-Trals vs Neutrals palette from Makeup Revolution!



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