If you haven’t aready, read the first part of this post here. The stories continue. Keep on reading if you want to see the tacky ornaments I picked out when I was a child, and why I have a baulbe that I got with a large BigMac menu at MacDonalds.


This bauble is actually from MacDonalds.. I got it when I was about 14 or 15 years old when I bought a large BigMac menu during december. It says ”Het mooiste kerstcadeau ben jij”, which means; ”You are the nicest Christmas gift”. I remember hanging this up on our tree when I got home, and thinking about a certain someone. Looking back, it’s quite weird to remember how I was in love with someone who I now know nothing about anymore. He is a complete stranger to me. Now I think about a different person looking at this Christmas baulbe, and I hope I’ll think about him every Christmas from now on.

Apparently my parents let us pick out some of the ornaments when me and my brother were little. If you’d gather all the tacky, glittery gold and oversized ornaments from our tree, I bet I chose each and every one of them. I asked my mom this year why on earth they ever agreed to buying these. She said they bought them because they loved me, and as a parent you do everything for your child. With an explanation like that, you know how bad they are.


And then there’s my brother, who picked out this super cute fox wearing a Christmas sweater. Isn’t this the cutest ornament ever? Why did my child-self have to be so tasteless?


Yes, we also have some normal Christmas baulbes in our tree. None of them actually match though.. It’s just a random collection of different kinds of baulbes.


I hope you all have an amazing Christmas. Spend it with family or friends. Enjoy yourself. Eat too much chocolate. Drink too much wine. Laugh about everything. Give presents. And most important; cherish these moments.



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