In this post I already briefly mentioned some of the places I’d like to visit in the month I’m traveling through America. I thought it would be fun to elaborate on that list, telling you about all the places I’d like to visit in America someday and what I’d like to do when I’m there. Grab yourself some tea and a snack, because it’s quite an extensive list!


The first place that popped into my mind when I was brainstorming about my travel plans, was California. Always sunny, beautiful beaches and lovely cities! These are the places I’m going to visit if I’m ever in California;


Los Angeles is obviously a must-see. Shopping at the Grove, seeing the Hollywood sign and chilling at Venice Beach, can life be any more perfect? I’d also love to visit Santa Monica pier, which is a beautiful pier that’s about a 100 years old, and it has an amusement park on it! Another thing is doing a Runyon Canyon Hike. I love being outdoors, getting a good workout going. What better way to keep in shape than with a beautiful view in the background, right? Obviously I’m not gonna miss the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Melrose avenue shopping and the 10 most Instagrammed spots in LA. But I’ve also heard there’s an abandoned Zoo?! That seems like a lot of fun! And if I have an extra few days, I can’t miss out on visiting DisneyLand! I’ve been to Disneyland Paris many times, and I absolutely love it. The happy vibes and nostalgia surrounding visiting those parks, I love it. Makes me feel like a kid again.

Laguna Beach was a tip of a good friend of mine. She has visited America before, and said this was one of the most beautiful beaches she’d ever seen!

Sequoia National Park because all the cities are lovely, but nothing can trump the beauty of mother nature. The park is famous for its giant sequoia trees, including the General Sherman tree, one of the largest trees on Earth.

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San Fransisco must be one of the most beautiful cities in America. I’d like to see the Golden Gate Bridge, and 16th Avenue Tiled steps. Standing on California Street, winding down Lombard street and cruising in one of the cable cars. I’ve also read there are concrete slides on which you can hurdle down the hillside on a cardboard box. And visiting Alcatraz is definitely on my list!

Restaurants. Anyone who really knows me, knows I love good food. When we visit some place new, I’m always checking ahead for the best, cutest or quirkiest places to eat. And it’s almost always a succes! I’ve already done my research on great places to eat when in California, and this is my list so far; Urth Caffe (a organic, heirloom coffee company which also sells healthy meals and desserts), Cheesecake Factory (has 250 menu items, of which 50 are cheesecakes! YUM), Lemonade (Yes, from the Lemonade cups you’ve probably have seen on Tumblr or Instagram. They also sell salads, sandwiches, and hot meals), Chipotle (Because everyone I follow on Youtube who lives in or visits Amerika always eat this particular salad, which looks absolutely delicious. And I’m a sucker for mexican food!), In-n-Out (Because Tumblr and Youtube made me), Korean barbeque (Never heard of this concept, but it sounds pretty damn delicious!), Veggie Grill (Their Buffalo ”Chicken” Wings look so bomb), California Donuts (because look at them, they even have a donut with bacon on it…;)



Las Vegas  seems so awesome to me. It’s like one giant theme park. Ofcourse I’m going to take a look at the many Casino’s, but I don’t think I’ll be gambling much. It’s not really my thing. There are hotels where you can drive around in a little train, which sounds amazing. I also read there’s a botanical garden in the Bellagio Hotel. And I’ll most certainly be grabbing some free M&M’s at M&M’s World, because why the hell not?!

Grand Canyon is also a must-see for me. You can’t actually go to America and not see the Grand Canyon, right? I really want to see the Havasu Falls while I’m there too!


Upper Antelope Canyon  or The Crack is actually one of the most beautiful things ever. The rock has been shaped like this because of constant running through of water. It’s possible one of the most instagrammed canyons there is!


The Wave is a sandstone formation which is famous for it’s colorful, undulating forms, and the rugged, trackless hike required to reach it. Apparently there’s a lottery where only 10 next-day-permits are given out each day, so the chance of me actually seeing it is quite small.


Chicago is a definitely an understated city. I’d love to visit the Chicago Cultural Center, Big Monster Toys and see Puppet Bike. Puppet Bike, you ask? Yes, it’s a traveling puppet show where puppets dance under a disco ball to oldies songs. The city also offers Movies at The Park, where you can go and sit in any of Chicago’s parks with a blanket and some snacks and just watch a movie. Obviously visiting Millenium park can’t be forgotten, and seeing the Cloud Gate.


I am sooooooo excited to leave! Only 12 more days, and time seems to pass slower every day. I have dreamed about every possible scenario happening; from losing my suitcases or missing my flight, to laying on Venice Beach with a cocktail or strolling through San Fransisco, and everything in between! I’m obviously excited for all the traveling I’ll be doing, but maybe even more for the actual studying. The experience of ”normal life” in a place so far from home. Going to classes, having lunch on campus and sleeping next to a roommate. It’s all so surreal and nerve-racking. Especially because I’m that kind of person that plans out everything, every detail, in advance. Not being able to do that is making me feel quite anxious, but it also makes it more exciting! I’m looking forward to taking you all on this journey with me through my blog!

What are some of the places you’d like to visit in the USA? Or if you have some experience, what are some of your tips! Have I missed anything crucial?! Let me know!



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